Home health agencies face many challenges. Between all the things it takes to provide the care their patients need on a daily basis and all the challenges in sustaining profitability the job of administrators, directors of nursing and wound care coordinators is never done.

Product formulary choices can be very confusing because it is an area where technology and new developments and techniques are rapidly changing. Not only is there a vast array of choices from many different manufacturers, but making sure the cost effectiveness of each product is in line with the agency's goals can be difficult. Factors such as change frequency and which quantities the products must be purchased in can make or break a new wound care formulary before the first dressing is even applied.

Medical Supplies Depot can help with these issues to make things easier for our home health agency customers. Since our first target market was the home health market, we have plenty of experience navigating these issues. In addition to offering many products in less-than-case quantities and patient direct shipments, our wound care certified clinical support staff can help answer any of the tough questions that sometimes arise.

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